Monday, November 24, 2008

11/24 (back to back and forward)

fantastic to be back home in Los Angeles in a sun coma.
only to wake up and realize my dearest friend, my rock, my guru
Robert Olsen
is moving to New York.
long pause.

why do all the good ones leave?
and why do they all migrate back east?
why does New York have this magnetic charm over everyone I love?
who is going to explain the chemistry behind rapid dry medium to me over and over?
who is going to wow me with big bopper karoake jams and nature trivia?
who am i going to call at 3 am to pick me up from some unspoken of sunset strip hotel becasue I dont know anyone else's phone number by heart?

and what will happen to
Suddenly sad.
He's out of my clutches and into a new metropolis that I get lost in too easily.

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