Friday, November 28, 2008

T H A N K S giving at the Wagners

Charles, Dillinger, Babyface, and Marc

Charles, Molly, and Adrianna by the pool for the pre-game coctails

Sid, Jon, Sleezy Eddie, and Vick
Sid is all class.

The Wagners!
best hosts ever.
and Lynelle, best solo dance performance of the evening.

Suzan and Steve
(99% of the time)

Eddie and lil Eddie

Mary and Catherine

Charles and Al

Dear Marc.
red is our color.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

11/25 (map-ping)

LA: a rare cloudy day in and outside.

Monday, November 24, 2008

11/24 (back to back and forward)

fantastic to be back home in Los Angeles in a sun coma.
only to wake up and realize my dearest friend, my rock, my guru
Robert Olsen
is moving to New York.
long pause.

why do all the good ones leave?
and why do they all migrate back east?
why does New York have this magnetic charm over everyone I love?
who is going to explain the chemistry behind rapid dry medium to me over and over?
who is going to wow me with big bopper karoake jams and nature trivia?
who am i going to call at 3 am to pick me up from some unspoken of sunset strip hotel becasue I dont know anyone else's phone number by heart?

and what will happen to
Suddenly sad.
He's out of my clutches and into a new metropolis that I get lost in too easily.

Friday, November 21, 2008

11/21 Louie-landia

My dearest Louie and ducky

Louie watches me run around and pack.
He remains calm but is obviously upset

Thursday, November 20, 2008

11/19 Gallagher Boys

my uncle Bill Shea

his best friend for 40 years, Bobby Belt

Their new friend Brian.
Brian loves performing in front of the mirror.

my new boyfriend Richard.

Mason and Richard.

I went to visit my uncle Shea in his new Gallagher group home.
His new friends and roomates were very happy to see me and very happy to have ambrosia salad for dinner.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008


Fil et Nadege

Intensive missing from MMM headquarters.
It comes back to us like a sad hurricane. the weekend is over.

11/17 (finale)

Tunde, Nadege, et Annemarie

Nadege and her belt tricks.
Annemarie and Ingrid have seen it all before

Ingrid and Per

Flavien councils Michi on his fashion

farewell dinner at il vitelloni

missing in view was Alex,Thomas, Gemma, Ariane, and later Daniel

11/17 (trashtastic)


Tunde and Carina

Michi, bechy, and I

met Nadege and Tunde at MMM and we all cleaned up.
took off to a marilyn bar, and met Nadege's friend carina, my dearest schwabbe alex bechberger! and the long lost Michi. who now lives in Paris and studies serial killers.
there was a lot of leopard skin at the bar and a little drink before we skidded off to a farewell dinner.

11/17 (the got it together, shuffle)


had a nice coffee with per, then collette, then went to meet Tulay for lunch at our old udon place on rue st anne. all sorts of secrets expurged, swallowed, smiled, and buried.
she walked me to the louvre, where we parted and I dove into the mantegna show.
so many baby jesus with old men heads! but i fell in love with St.Justine.
Then I strolled the trophy stores in the palais royal, before traipsing over to the margiela store for a raid.

11/16 (darkness to light)

Joe and Tunde

went to bed in a storm.
around 8 or 9 am.
woke up around 3.30 to eamonn on the phone. refusing my request of a croissant and demanding I throw his pants out the window to him 5 stories below on the street so he could make his train to Ghent with his full wardrobe.
I struggled to the window in my slip, opened the glass, looked down at him, yelled egoiste, and threw them into the downstairs neighbor's terrace.
Next I preceded to watch eamonn lose his mind and tell the whole street he was going to kill me.
Per joined me at the window and we both watched him lunge at his suitcase, and plow across the crosswalk all the time shaking his fists at me. back across to under our window again. more profanity. then an insane sprint like an olympic torch to the train station.
We both remarked how different he looked/less hair from the top view.
I tried to go back to sleep but it was really too hysterical to stop thinking about.
sorry sweets, I'm glad you made your train,
I got the pants back and am ready to fed ex them to you upon your return.
And I'm NEVER introducing you to any of my friends again.

the rest of the day was questionable.

met Nadege, Tunde, Roxane and Joe!, Tulay and Annemarie for a coke and a snack at le zimmer.
then made it home to have Per make me dinner and forget my suffering.

11/15 Collab Party

After several tremendously good times together in LA;
Nadege, Filippo and I wanted to do a dance party for Paris to celebrate my exhibition.
I wanted to bring the noise and the funk but in the end settled on a disco ball pinata, which was hecho in Venice, Califirnia with the help of Noah and his expert arc skills,
and Nadege and Fil settled on Le Cesar, which is an infamous 80s Tranny bar in the 2nd with lots of red carpet and velvet.
I asked all my girlfriends to wear red.
and the stage was set to start at 11.
I had a gallery dinner that started late and lasted even later, so my group was disastrously late (Flavien even kicked a taxi to ensure it).
but we arrived just as fashion Paris was hanging on in an awkward trench.
We broke in. found Nadege and Fil wound up and ready to go.
Nadege your red black panther dress was a true inspiration, tried to get the music loud, only to blow a speaker, which lead to a smaller sound system and me rallying to the music.
soon the disco ball was let out,
emotions flared, candy was everywhere and people got down.
The next thing I know I was wearing the disco ball and dancing on the table.
fell from the table twice. Annemarie says three times.
I think the third time should have been the charm.
Fil was slow dancing with his rainbow drink and Nadege was like a siren.
We unravelled till 8, when I broke down and ran away.
Nadege, Tulay, Tunde and Eamonn left at 10 am and had breakfast at pain quotidien. I didn't even know they served wine.