Wednesday, November 19, 2008

11/16 (darkness to light)

Joe and Tunde

went to bed in a storm.
around 8 or 9 am.
woke up around 3.30 to eamonn on the phone. refusing my request of a croissant and demanding I throw his pants out the window to him 5 stories below on the street so he could make his train to Ghent with his full wardrobe.
I struggled to the window in my slip, opened the glass, looked down at him, yelled egoiste, and threw them into the downstairs neighbor's terrace.
Next I preceded to watch eamonn lose his mind and tell the whole street he was going to kill me.
Per joined me at the window and we both watched him lunge at his suitcase, and plow across the crosswalk all the time shaking his fists at me. back across to under our window again. more profanity. then an insane sprint like an olympic torch to the train station.
We both remarked how different he looked/less hair from the top view.
I tried to go back to sleep but it was really too hysterical to stop thinking about.
sorry sweets, I'm glad you made your train,
I got the pants back and am ready to fed ex them to you upon your return.
And I'm NEVER introducing you to any of my friends again.

the rest of the day was questionable.

met Nadege, Tunde, Roxane and Joe!, Tulay and Annemarie for a coke and a snack at le zimmer.
then made it home to have Per make me dinner and forget my suffering.

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