Wednesday, November 19, 2008

11/12 (starts)

I flew United business to paris (thaks mom!),
which was good because I slept, finished "The Autograph Man" and did a drawing of Barack and Michele which would re-appear later in the show.
When I got to CDG, I had to wait an hour or so for my friend Eamonn to arrive from NYC on an AirFrance flight. He was already exhausted before I got to him, but a coffee and a couple of hi-fives and we were off to the rer, to the gare du nord, to 2 taxis in search of keys.
It took a long time and Eamonn was only partly amused because I made him lug the disco ball and pay for everything. but....
we saw the banlieu!
Later we got to Per's apartment. Per is an old friend who has a great apartment on rue de magenta.
close to barbes and the gare du nord.
and one look at that bathtub and all was right with the world.

Eamonn napped and then we met up with my lovely friend Tulay for cheap chinese,
a weird conversation about beauty?
which lead to drinks at le progres.

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