Thursday, December 18, 2008

12/18 Led Zepplein moment

After days of ick torrential rain, today the sky opened to the most beautiful blue,
just in time for
My first flying lesson at the Santa Monica Airport! with Louis at American Flyers,
and after a basic chalkboard tutorial about flight physics that I coasted through, we went out to the little cessna 172, spent a little time checking around (no water in the blue colored gas),
going over controls,
climbed in,
put a headset on, got my call name and number,
steered the plane out to the runway with my feet, waited for the big boys to land, and then wow reeved the engine, and took off! banked over the Penmar golf course and then out over rose to the pacific.....

after coasting up to Malibu and Point Dume,
Louis taught me more about banking. I jerked the plane and almost threw up.
I laughed, I cried, I circled around to fly over the Getty, then down the 405 till we landed back at the airport and into the sunset.

Louis later confessed that he has only crashed one plane before and that was months ago.....


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