Monday, December 15, 2008

12/13 Special Disco Version Holiday Hurricane

Kateri Bucky and Kat

Horsemeat! Disco James and Donuts!AC

Lovefingers and the dancefloor


Kateri and I love Alison's visuals

James escapes

So this is how it starts.
I had a studio morning, helium pick-up, and impulse buying spree on giant sparklers (which figured later in the weekend story)
a quick holiday visit with Kristin Ess extraordinaire,
then a costume change and it was off to start the night early with Matt and Lynelle in the hills.
We had a cocktail and then charged into Regen projects early to see the Pettibon show before it got crazy. We took a temporary break from the bar and roamed around the room looking at baseball players, bombers, a dog and a fish.
I am reminded to read trout fishing in america.
Then we tramped across the street to the palm for a fantastic dinner with Adrianna.
After dinner and dropping them off, I raced downtown to help AC and Kat get the party party ready. I was very unhelpful with the balloons, so left to hunt them down some food.
which brought me to Leslie's holiday party a few blocks away.
A small re-union (Seamus!), some pictures, and cuddling with a vodka cranberry lead to a slightly panicked escort and exit and back to the party I had left starting.
It had blown up, started a light show, busted its go-go dancers, snapped in drama and moved into the basement..
James and James were great, my camera was still drunk and took some crazy pictures.
and I might have called some people sluts.
the night was winding down.
I had to pull it together and drive lovefingers to the airport and then finally, finally, a sunrise later Kateri and I ended back at my house safe with a piece of toast no jam.

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