Monday, June 14, 2010

as the world turns (we land in Paris)

I'm home in LA for 10 hours laying in bed drinking scotch and earnestly trying to read infinite jest to knock myself out but insomnia rattles me and I end up pacing studio shortly and leaving again.
Soon I meet Buc at the airport and we start off for Paris.
Arriving on the continent on May 6 to Roxane, Joe, a steak frites and a full scattered night of wandering my old lieu until I'm finally ready to reluctantly fall into my favorite bed at Per's house.

The next morning Buc and I joined Roxane at Acne and then mulled over to see the Lucien Freud show at the Pompidou. The real show was trying to pick up the gay ticket handler to join our gang.
The first strike

Installing a disco ball pinata at Art:Concept and meeting Marie-Laure for lunch.
My favorite Paris girl gang gets bigger.
and more pregnant!
Dreams of flying over water and previous knife fights give way to jazz bands in Montmartre.

Jules takes it all very seriously. We plotted a course to the Carousel.
I took him up for the first time and he hated it.

My bonhomme was constantly looking for those squealing horses afterwards.

My favorite Chocolate lady Denise Acabo

Dinner with Damian, Helene, Rox, Joe, and Buc
at Helene and Damian's beautiful apt.

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