Friday, January 9, 2009

everyone paused and somewhere updated

Evan is missed, and starts his epic in SoutheastAsia

meanwhile in NYC

1/3 Marc and I en route to dinner at the little owl when we found this NYC glacier.

I have loved Pati and vice versus through all our new years resolutions.
We paired for a fantastic lunch, but the carp scales are missing. So we will have to hedge our luck on love.

Brooklyn darlings Sam and Micaela, hours from their flight to Scotland, and dear Gabe, all meet me in the middle of brooklyn for some mexican at Bonita
California casts a shadow and the new year looms close.

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gabe said...

Sam and Micaela look pretty psyched in this photo. And i feel like there should be a word bubble above my head with "Derr?" in it.